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Global Surgical Calculator

Updated 8/7/2015

Calculators!! - from NGS Medicare. This page includes Global Surgery Calculator, ADR (Additional Development/Documentation Request Timeline Calculator), Timely Appeals Calculator, G0179 Frequency, so much more. Brilliant! (I’m using the Tiny URL converter on some of these HUGE links!)

90-day Global Surgery Period Online Calculator Not specifically for Global Surgery, but you can track 10, 30 or 90 days with the Time & Day Calculator from Time and

90-Day Global Surgery Calculator - from WPS Medicare

Global Days Assignment List – from Oxford/UnitedHealthcare. This is a listing of CPT codes with their respective Global Surgery days per Oxford/UnitedHealthcare.

90 day Global Surgery Calculator - Downloadable PDF Global Surgery document from Pacific Laser and Cataract Institute for a "standard" year.

Timely Filing Calculator –from Novitas Medicare. This is for calculating the appeal limits for the First & Second Levels of Appeal and the Administrative Law Judge.

DME Calculators – from NHIC (until they change the URL on us again!). Another BRILLIANT set of calculator tools for all things DME: Capped Rental, Claim Filing, Enteral Nutrition Units of Service Calculator, Five year Useful Lifetime Calculator, KE & KY modifier Lookup tool, Oxygen Renal 36th Month Calculator and more. Thank you, NHIC!

Drug Lookup and Calculator Tool - from Palmetto Medicare. This sweet page has you put in the HCPCS code for your drug. The output give a narrative of the dosage and dosage units. The next section wants you to tell it the dosage amount and when you click the process button it tells you the units, the quantity of units to submit on your claim, the maximum number of units & when this was last updated. Wonderful tool – until they change the URL.