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Global Surgical Calculator

Updated 6/1/2013


90-day Global Surgery Period Calculator - from NHIC

90-day Global Surgery Period Online Calculator Not specifically for Global Surgery, but you can track 10, 30 or 90 days with the Time & Day Calculator from Time and

Global Surgery Calendar 2009 - from MedPro Medical Management. Also on this page is the 2008 version if it's needed.

ADR Timeline Calculator - Additional Development/Documentation Request Timeline Calculator from NGS Medicare

Appeals Calculator – Calculator that gives you timely deadline for various level appeals from NGS Medicare

Claim Timely Filing Calculator – as it says, also from NGS Medicare

G0179 Frequency Calculator – from NGS Medicare

Medicare Secondary Payer Payment and Savings Calculator" – from NGS Medicare

Podiatry Calculator - Determine the next eligible date that the patient can receive coverage for routine foot care. From NGS Medicare