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E/M Audit Tools & Scoresheets

Links valid as of 11/16/2013. Please let me know if any of these links aren't working so I can fix them. Thanks!

FIRST know the rules



Next, gather your TOOLS: E/M Templates (Audit Tools, Audit Forms)


  • Audit Tool - Not exactly sure what site this comes from; don't know how long this link will last. (11/16/2013)

  • Online E/M Audit Worksheet - from MD Tools, has a number of other tools too! Bookmark this site! (11/16/2013)

  • Highmark Medicare Services Documentation Worksheet(11/16/2013)

  • E/M Score Sheets - Audit tools & how to use them from Palmetto Medicare. These were just updated in July & Sept. 2013(click accept) (11/16/2013)


  • E/M Center - from Novitas Medicare with specialty scoresheets, signature attestation, lots of great links. Hope this lasts! (11/16/2013)(you may be asked to accept)<!--


  • Online E/M Audit Tool - from Palmetto GBA


  • E&M UniversityRegister (for free) for use of Dr. Jensen's evaluation & management tools. Great site! (11/16/2013)