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Edited 10/12/2010

Welcome to AskLeslie.net!  This site is all about getting valuable healthcare guidelines, coding tips, forms & other information into the hands of those who need and use it the most. This site averages between 10,000 and 15,000 visitors per month and we're growing!!   Read on for a quick "how this site works."


New PQRS Frequently Asked Questions Now Available To keep you updated with information on the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), CMS has recently added three new FAQs to the website. Review these FAQs to learn more about PQRS EHR reporting, Adult Treatment Panel clinical guidelines, and Joint National Committee clinical guidelines.

New FAQs:

HR 4302 - "SGR Doc Fix" + ICD-10 Delay until Oct 1, 2015 PASSES the Senate

Breaking News:


US Senate has passed HR 4302: 64 to 35. It is law if the President signs. Looks like ICD-10 is delayed another year. Updates & information forthcoming as it comes in.

Aetna Requires Yearly Fraud, Wast, Abuse Training: Urgent Care News

Contract Clause You May Have Missed: 
Aetna Requires Yearly Fraud, Waste, Abuse Training

2014 OIG Workplan Released

For those of you anxiously waiting, here's the Work Plan from the OIG for 2014.