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By ljohnson - Posted on 07 April 2009

I'm a new visitor just looking around.
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I'm a regular/frequent visitor - using information that I know is already here.
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If a patient comes in for a Diagnostic Bilateral Mammogram, and  the screening is due for the left, and the pt has a lump on the right,  We perform the diagnostic on the Rt.  along with screening views on the left,since the Radiologist are not on site, and we submit the images for interpretation.  When the images are reviewed, the Radiologist recommends pt return for Left assymetry or other identified issue,  We have the pt return to obtain additional images on the Left,  Is it only allowable to bill for the original Bilateral Diagnostic mammogram, or should you bill for an additional Lt diagnostic since it is a different day?

i have a question about billing in mammography.