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Recoupment Chart

recoupment chart  Finally!  Here’s the new 2008 Version of the Recoupment Chart - links have been updated, progressed, information has been changed. 

It took 4 very long months to complete and we’re pleased to announce that it’s here!

As mentioned before, this is being offered for a $7.00 donation to help with the website overhaul and to add some very interesting & exciting additions. 

Disclaimer:  At the time of posting, all links are/were accurate, but things are changing quickly.  New bills are being written, sponsored & added each day.  One state in particular has struck down prompt pay laws for the last several years but they keep trying!  


1.)  The following link/box will take you to PayPal where you can make the donation.  The donation is $7.00 .  If you aren’t familiar with PayPal, it’s pretty easy to follow.  It’s safe & confidential; NONE of your financial data is sent to or collected by anyone associated with this website.

2.)  Once the payment is made, two emails will get sent to you automatically - one to confirm the payment, the 2nd with the link where you’ll be able to download the document.  They should arrive within a very short time after payment, and you’ll have a certain window of time to click the link to get the document before it becomes inactive.

3.) If anything other than this happens (it's not often but sometimes things do happen), please email ljohnsontx at immediately & we’ll look into it and fix whatever’s gone wrong and get this document into your hands.  Your presence on this website is respected and valued and we look to make things right if something out of the ordinary happens.

  <– Click this Box; it will take you to PayPal where the donation can be made.  

Thanks again for all your help making this website the place that it is! L J