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Radiology Coding Tools

This page reviewed 11/8/2015 - LJ

New CPT Codes for Radiology" What to expect in 2016 from

CPT 2016 Anticipated Code Changes" New Radiology CPT codes for 2016.

Coder's Guide to Epidurogram (CPT 72275) - by Leslie Johnson, CPC. Researching led to writing this article in Beckers Online Review. Contains a check-list on how to tell the difference between an Epidurogram for radiology vs. Epidurogram real-time image obtained during pain management procedures. This was written a little while ago, but the coding information remains accurate.

CVP "Cheat Sheet" for Central and Peripheral Venous Access codes. May require updating, this is from 2009.

Nomenclature of Lumbar Disk Pathology" Fabulous White Paper on the Classification of Disk Pathology, complete with ICD-9s. We're using ICD-10 now, but the definitions of the diagnoses won't change.

The following information is meant to be a GUIDE only.

Some of the material may be outdated but the information may help guide you to the correct codes for the current year, which is why I've left them here.

Radiology Billing and Coding: Accurate Breast Imaging Coding - for 2015. Nice article from Radiology Today regarding the new mammogram codes.

CMS Establishes Breast Tomosynthesis Values in 2015 MPFS Final Rule. Article from ACR (American College of Radiology) regarding new mammogram codes.

SMFM White Paper - CPT 76811 - Details coding for OB Ultrasounds by SMFM; donated by Jennifer Glasheen