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Radiology Coding Tools

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2010 CPT Codes of special interest for radiology" from ACR

2009 CVP "Cheat Sheet"

Nomenclature of Lumbar Disk Pathology" Fabulous White Paper on the Classification of Disk Pathology, complete with ICD-9s (use as a GUIDE ONLY! Our authority remains with the ICD-9 book)

The following information is meant to be a GUIDE only

Some of the material may be outdated but the information may lead you to the correct codes for the current year.

Abdominal UltraSound Check List - created by Edwina Sprow, CPC

Arthrogram Cheat Sheet - by Leslie Johnson, CPC

Common Nerve Injection Names Chart (2007)- by Leslie Johnson, CPC; modified for ASC use by Edwina Sprow, CPC  

Epidurogram - this is a PDF - not sure about where exactly it's from, but it's got some good information about billing & coding for epidurograms

Mammogram Coding Guidelines- from CMS (current year)

OB UltraSound Check List from Edwina Sprow, CPC

SMFM White Paper - CPT 76811 - Details coding for OB Ultrasounds by SMFM; donated by Jennifer Glasheen

Ultrasound Check List - Abd-Renal - Phenominal Abdominal-Renal Ultrasound Checklist created by Edwina Sprow, CPC