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ERISA - General Information

This page reviewed & updated 11/7/2015

American Chiropractic Association - ERISA Appeals Assistance. This site has some excellent information and forms that can be downloaded to help the appeals process.

American Osteopathic Association - ERISA Assignment of Benefits form

Appeals Letters - Samples with focus on ERISA

Assignment of Benefits Form - for your patients by Steve Verno with express written permission

Certificate of Creditable Coverage - Proving your previous healthcare coverage has ended.

Challenging coverage denials under ERISA - Summary of an article by Edward G. Connette - In Trial, May, 1998, p.20

ERISA Compliance Assistance - from the U.S. Dept. of Labor

Definition - Per Wikipedia

Dept. of Labor Info - From "the horse's mouth".

Dept. of Labor FAQs - focus on ERISA

ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA - what ERISA has to do with COBRA & HIPAA.

ERISA and HIPAA - How does HIPAA factor into ERISA (or vice versa)?

ERISA - How it works Excellent, easy-reading information on ERISA; what it is, how it works, etc.

Filing your Health Benefits Claim - What You Should Know.

General Erisa Information #1 - Information on needed documents (in .rtf format)

General Erisa Information #2 - Information on how ERISA enforces their healthcare regulations.

Know the Law - Directly from The Federal Register